Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Grandma Comes for Great Wolf

My mom came up for the week of Thanksgiving, and we went up to this really neat indoor water park in Williamsburg called Great Wolf Lodge. I was a little wary because the indoor pool at the YMCA is still FREEZING, but the Lodge was a steaming 85 degrees inside, and the water was mostly mid 90s. In other words, perfect! This is a picture of us about sixteen months ago, in July of 2007...
And this was us this week...

Needless to say, it was a little more fun with a one and a half year old instead of a three month old! We stayed one night and got two full days at the park, so the kids got to do plenty, and they even had a "child safe" hot tub that was only 96 degrees, so I got to go in it even though I'm pregnant! Here's Ava meeting the Wolf or Bear or something at this great big fireplace in the lobby where they ready bedtime stories every night- and suddenly she's over her fear of this kinds of characters! (Thank goodness she was still scared of them this summer at Disney or we would have had to wait in those three hour lines for Mickey)

And this isn't Scott drowing his daddy, they're just playing in the kiddie pool.

Ava and my mom in the not-too-too-hot-tub...

And me and Scott in the tub too! Nick has been really good about trying to take pics lately because he knows how upset I get when I'm scrapbooking and I go pages and pages and pages with no pictures of my kids with their mommy. I blame the hormones.

So if you ever get a chance to visit a Great Wolf Lodge, I highly recommend it. The rooms are huge with gas fireplaces and they have a really nice buffet in the mornings, plus the water park. It's the perfect get away when you have to bring little ones.

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