Monday, November 17, 2008

How can they be so different?

I knew that Ava and Scott would be different, but sometimes I don't understand how they can be SO different. When we got to church yesterday, Ava raced off to her nursery room without even giving me a second glance, she was playing and laughing and talking to everyone even before I filled in her sticker. And then there's Scott, who started whimpering as soon as we pulled into the parking lot. He will literally CLING to my neck while I'm trying to drop him off, screaming the whole time! His teacher says he only cries for the first five minutes, and then he starts playing and he's fine. So why does he have to cry at all? He knows I'm coming back! It used to be the same way when I would take them to the gym, but now that he and Ava are in the same nursery room there, he's totally fine. Maybe he just doesn't like to be alone? Anyway, it's just weird that Ava is so independent and confident and Scott is such as...mama's boy. I hate to use that phrase, but that's sorta what he is. Sheesh.

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