Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I just wanted to write this so that I don't forget. Yesterday while I was driving the kids home from daycare, I was flipping thru channels on the radio and caught the tail end of that Taylor Swift song, Love Story. I said "oh this is my favorite song", which we always do with each other when we're listening to their play CDs and Ava said "oh it's my favorite too, can I sing it with you?" which she always says too. So a few minutes later I hear her saying something, so I turn the radio down to hear her, and she's singing IN PERFECT TIME the whole line "you were Romeo, I was the Scarlett Letter, and my dada said stay away from Juliette" What?!?! I was just floored, I almost had to pull over!!! How does she remember the words? And the beat? I know that all mothers think they're kids are super geniuses, but come on! She's only three! And it wasn't even on anymore!!! And this isn't a pic of her that day, it's from our 18hour drive to Biloxi for Mardi Gras.

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