Thursday, November 13, 2008

They Let me Blog at Work?

Apprently they do. I have the best job! When I was active duty, I got to move around between different inpatient units, but I felt really comfortable and needed on the adult oncology unit, which was the second place I got to go. I stayed there for about a year and a half, and after I got used to the different treatment options and became more comfortable taking care of people at the end of their lives, I began to love it. The Navy didn't seem that interested in my loves and desires though, so I had to finish out my last year on the labor and delivery unit, which I actually enjoyed. We deliver about three hundred to three fifty babies a month here at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth (that's ten a day!) so let me just tell you that working nights over there for a year really nailed down my time management skills. But, I am NOT a labor and delivery nurse. When I got out, I tried to go back to the oncology unit where I'd worked before, but they didn't need any part time help and they had a new manager that I wasn't really close with, so I took this position in the Ambulatory Infusion Center. I tried working at a civilian hospital out in town, but it was so depressing to have to deal with all the paperwork and the limited supplies and the HUGE patient to nurse ratio, so that didn't last very long. I am one of few people that I know who would NEVER be a patient in a civilian hospital around here, not a chance. Military medicine gets a bad rap, but it's all crap, working here has showed me how good our military has it. Anway, at the AIC, we do outpatient chemotherapy, blood transfusions, and a few odds and ends like Remicade for RA and UC and things like that. I don't love it the same way that I loved bedside oncology nursing, but I like staying in this feild, and I see a lot of the same patients. And yes, administering chemo while pregnant is safe, I did it the entire time I was pregnant with Scott and he's fine. I take all the precautions that everyone should be taking but doesn't, and I don't have anything to do with actually mixing the drugs together. I think it makes some of my patients a little nervous for me when I come at them with my giant belly and a big bag with bright green HAZMAT stickers on it, but I wouldn't do it if it wasn't safe. Speaking of which, I should probably do a little more of that and a little less playing on the computer before I get in I said, I like this job.

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