Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blue Mountain Parkway

On our drive back from Nikki's house, we got off the interstate to ride for a few hours on the Blue Ridge Parkway, which was this winding, narrow road that went WAY up thru mountains and stuff- it was terrifying but also incredibly beautiful. I'm not sure if this is in TN or VA, but we stopped at one of the pull-offs on the parkway to hike around this little creek and show the kids a waterfall- it was breathtaking! When I was little, we lived in northern California and my dad was always taking us out on road trips to see this kind of thing, so it was a great experience for me to finally get to do it with my own babies. It just made me want to get to Seattle even faster!!! This is Nick and the kids on the little train track bridge- by the way, Scott was LOVING the train tracks!!!And me and Scott hiking... Nick is very far ahead of us at this time. Apparently hugely pregnant doesn't equal graceful.
Ava standing on a different part of the track.
See the waterfall? It's sorta small, but come on, this was literally just somewhere we pulled off the road to explore. I'm just now noticing he death grip I have on Ava. Guess I thought she was going to tumble down the mountain.
Nick letting Ava feel how cold the water is...apparently he's not so worried about her. It was mid sixties outside even though this was Dec 27th, but they both said that water was like ice. Duh!

And this was about twenty minutes later.

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