Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve

We've never spent a Christmas away from home (I've never been able to take the time off of work) so I made a point to try and keep as many of our little traditions as I could, even though we're a little out of sorts in my sister's house. So on Christmas Eve, I got out all the supplies I packed as we started baking cookies as soon as we got up. Ava has always loved to help me cook, and Mia was just as natural in the kitchen. Poor Scott is getting a cold, so he was snuggling with Daddy and keeping away from the food this time.
And here's another shot of me and Arika- I just can't believe we're pregnant together! It's been so fun hanging out this week.
You all know how much of a stickler I am for our routine, so Ava and Scott have been taking their naps after lunch every day. I thank God every single day that I was such a Nazi about it when they were infants, because now, they can each go with the flow better than most kids I know, just because they know what to expect next, even when we're far from home. It doesn't make sense to me that being strict about routines yields flexible kids, but hey. I'm a total believer. Here's my little son with his train in the pack and play...
And Ava with her baby Nathan and Mia's matching baby Jacob.
And we each get to open one present on Christmas Eve before we go to bed, so here's Ava and Scott, who are just excited to be allowed to tear paper.
And Ava and cousin Mia saying good night. Tomorrow is Christmas!!!

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