Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Crazy Guy

So I was at the gym on Tuesday and I noticed Crazy Guy as soon as I started on the treadmill, he was on the stairmaster a few rows up from me in his tiny shorts and LOUD shirt, all huffing and puffing and drawing as much attention to himself as possible. But seriously, there was only like seven of us on the whole floor, so I'm not sure whose attention he was after. So he makes a huge production over stair climbing, and the he heads to the circuit course, which is all those weights that the girls and older people use, you know, the ones that are in the machines and so they're really safe and easy to use? Not the dumbells and those big bar things that body builders use. The girl weights. And he's huffing and puffing his way through those but he's doing it all wrong and doing everything way to fast and he's just out of control, meanwhile he's wasting my time because I have to wait for him to finish doing everything WRONG before I can finally get in a lift the girlie weights like I'm supposed to. UGH. And why were his shorts so friggin short? He totally ruined my gym experience. Except now I'm writing this and I'm dying laughing, so I guess it was worth it. Poor Crazy Guy.

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