Wednesday, December 24, 2008


On Tuesday, we headed to Pigeon Forge to visit Dollywood. We've been a few times before, but I think I underestimated what a difference it makes when it's so cold! Ava and Scott thought it was really funny to be all bundled up with hats and scarves and gloves and blankets in the stroller, and I'm so big that I'm always hot anyway, so it really wasn't that bad. We got to see the shows and ride the racecar ride and see the parade and the Christmas tree light show. The only downfall was that my sister Nicole had to work and couldn't come, but Mia got to spend a fun day with her dad and cousins. Here's Ava and Daddy at the end of the night...And here's Daddy and Scott when we first got started in the morning. Dollywood is beautiful all year long, but it's really amazing over the holidays!
Ava is making sure that we can all see her gloves here. I have this picture from a few years ago somewhere, it's me and Nicole and Ava and Mia when Ava was about six months, right in this spot. So I thought it would be fun to do it again two and a half years later. It really makes you realize how fast it's going.
Grandma, Aunt Arika, Ava, and Ava's gloves. We used the new stroller Arika got for Baby Brody so she could start getting used to having to fold it and stuff. And because my little Maclaren would have been impossible to keep her bundled in. Thanks Arika!
Uncle Andy and cousin Mia in front of the main tree... And Grandma and Aunt Arika...And me and Arika and a sound asleep Scott right before we left.
And my favorite shot of the day (I don't know why). This was just some random toy soldier walking around and I have no idea why, but neither one of them were afraid of him! Ava gave him a hug from her stroller, and even Scott shook his hand! When they saw him again during the parade, they seemed a little confused about why he wasn't hanging out with them again though! It was really sweet. This will be the big thing I remember from this day.

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