Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holiday Fun

Like everyone else, I really love the holiday season. It's even more fun now that Ava is getting old enough to at least understand a little bit of what is going on. We're not going as far as to "ban" Santa in our house, but I don't really want Ava or Scott to grow up thinking that Santa is some sort of magical man who comes into the house with presents, you know? But I don't want to spoil the fun either. So we've just been telling her that Santa is at the mall, and he's on TV sometimes and there's pictures of him everywhere, just like Dora, and that when we see him, be can get excited and think about how much fun Christmas is. But it drives me crazy when people ask her if she's been good because Santa is watching her. She's good because she's well behaved and well disciplined! And if I want her thinking anyone is watching everything she does, it's Jesus. Anyway. Here's us building a gingerbread house with the left over candy that Scott and I didn't sneak...

And Scott showing so much restraint with the finished product!

And Ava and Scott in their new holiday pajamas.

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