Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holiday Pictures

Well after the disaster at the portrait studio when we tried to get our three year slash eighteen month pictures taken, we decided to hire this photographer from our church to come over and just take some photos at our house. MUCH EASIER, mainly because the kids are just so much more well behaved at home in general. We still couldn't get any of the two of them together though. It's so weird, they play so great together and they really do seem to be best friends, but get a camera ready and it's like they're opposite magnets, they just shoot off to opposite directions of the house. Weird.

I have to admit, I like their portraits from last year just a tiny bit better, but it just wasn't gonna happen this time around. Oh well, I'm really pleased with the way these ones turned out, and it really was so much easier to have her come over to our house. Let's see, here's some of us making Christmas cookies... we seem to do a lot of eating at the Engelbrecht household...

And we finally broke down and got those light up reindeer for our yard- I was actually just as excited to get them as Nick was. As was to be expected, Scott thought the box was the greatest part.

Notice Ava is dragging Baby Nathan around. Lately, she literally doesn't go ANYWHERE without him! I keep her hair pretty short because I just don't like hair and when it gets too long, it gets scraggly looking, so I look her to get her haircut on Saturday and left the guys home to build a firetruck in Nick's shop. Scott had so much fun!

And here's the proud carpenter with his finished product!

So that's a little peek at what we've been up to this past week. Pretty good week if you ask me!

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