Friday, December 19, 2008

Scott's First Haircut

I wanted to let Scott have longish hippie guy hair, but it wasn't really working out the way I wanted, so I finally broke down and took him in for his first haircut. His hair is actually thicker than Ava's, but he still doesn't have very much, and he somehow always manages to have bed head and static like he just rubbed a balloon up there, so he really did need it. I just don't really like it when everyone has their little guys looking like they're on their way to boot camp, so hopefully we can grow it out later. He did really well as soon as Krista gave him this little fluffy brush (had to be pink, right?) but he wouldn't wear the cute cape they gave us! He hates bibs.
Yes, I cried. I blame the hormones. Actually, I don't. She changed him for a little tiny baby with baby hair to a little tiny man with man hair! That's sad!

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