Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Still No Name

We just cannot come up with a name! It's not even that we don't agree, we just literally can't come up with one. We didn't come up with Ava until about two weeks before I went into labor, and I literally thought we'd come up with the perfect name- classic, elegant, and not that popular. Well guess what. Every single woman who had a girl in the two years after that, named their baby Ava. And being one of five Jennifer's in every classroom growing up, I just feel so awful for her! After I did all that research! And then with Scott, we knew we wanted to name him after Nick- he's actually Nicholas Scott Engelbrecht II. And this baby...nothing. I keep asking Ava what she thinks we ought to name him, and her top four names are Murray, Greg, Jeff, and Anthony. As in the Wiggles. And she shoots down everything else we toss at her. So guess what, my three year old isn't solving my problems! UGH! It's so aggravating! I feel like we need a name, that way we can start getting Scott a little more prepared. I'm not too sure he's gonna handle this very well. Ava barely batted an eye when he was born, but he's got a very...different personality. He's not going to share his mama without a fight.

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