Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tennesse Vacation Starts

Well we finally made it to Tennessee to spend Christmas with the Zandees! This is a pic of me and my little sister Arika, who is expecting her first baby on Feb 18th, two weeks before me. I'm pretty bummed because what good was that year I spent on labor and delivery if I can't even be a labor coach for my baby sister? But there's NO WAY I can risk traveling then, so maybe I can help out on the phone. Ohh, how nice it was to be pregnant with my first! Notice how much smaller Arika is than me in this shot. Ava and Scott really took it out of me though, and this baby has more than made himself at home in that giant belly of mine. Arika is having a boy too, but I think she's carrying like she's having a girl. Maybe it's just because she's so skinny to start with. My sister Nicole has a daughter exactly one year older than Ava named Mia and Mia LOVES her baby dolls! The first thing Ava did was run in and start getting all her babies settled in Mia's swings and high chairs and cribs.
That's Mia on the rocking horse that my grandfather made for the girls (we have one at our house too) and Uncle Andy laying on the floor playing jungle gym for Scott, who bolted as soon as I got out my camera. On Monday night, we went to the Bristol Motor Speedway to see the light show that they set up and so that Nick could drive on the track. See, minivans can be just as exciting as racecars! They have a little carnival set up in the center of the track, but it was in the teens (!) so we kept the kids in the car and just ran out to get hot chocolate. These pics are while we're waiting in line to get to the lights, we're barely moving, so I let the kids climb around.
Ava discovered the handle above the middle seats works a lot like monkey bars!

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