Monday, December 15, 2008


When I was active duty, "weekend" never really meant that much to me, because I worked a three day every other weekend, and usually had my days off during the week, when Nick was at work. But now that we both work normal hours and days, we have normal weekends, which means they go by really quickly and we have lots of fun! This past weekend, we finally got a train to put around the tree. It lasted almost a whole afternoon before it got caught on the hearth without us noticing and burned thru the motor. Hopefully after the holidays, we can get one with a little stronger engine. Scott was having the time of his life for those hours that it was running! We got great videos of him freaking out.

Of course, he doesn't actually need a real train, he can just make one out of his cars. Or soda cans, or water bottles, or shoes... you get the idea. Friday night, we got to go eat dinner with Santa at the gym! It was pretty cute and Ava had a blast, but Scott was still scared of Santa. He kept running up to him to give him a high five, but he that was as close as he would get. This is him sticking with mama so Santa can't get him. Not sure why he's making that face.
And Ava after she waited very patiently (seriously- she was so well behaved!) in line to get her pic with Santa.
Saturday was ridiculously warm, like almost in the seventies, so we got to get outside for a few hours. It's not raining, but Ava really loves her umbrella from Aunt Michelle, but it's more of a weapon, so I only let her have it outside.

Later that afternoon, Ava and Daddy went out to lunch, and I took Scott to the mall for a few last minute Christmas gifts before we head to TN next weekend. He was so great! He's so much different when he finally gets some one on one time- it makes me feel so guilty that it happens so rarely. He just sat in his stroller and laughed and talked to me and flirted with all the older ladies at the stores... he was really a delight to be around! Of course, by the time we were done shopping, he was exhausted, even though I didn't realize it because he literally didn't whine or cry at all. I started the van, loaded him up, then went to the trunk to throw the stroller and bags in. By the time I climbed into my seat, he was sound asleep! We're talking two, maybe three minutes! Poor guy. What a good sport!

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