Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Work Woes

I had such a crap day at work that I have to talk about it or I'll just lay in bed obsessing all night. It was ridiculous! We had like thirty three patients (we usually have about twenty six) and my room was scheduled really bottom heavy, so I just sat around doing nothing all morning and then got slammed at like eleven o'clock. AND I had to share my corpsman with the nurse in the room next door, so I was pretty much flying solo in my room. Which really isn't THAT big a deal, but it just added fuel to the fire that I had to start all the IVs, access all the central lines, and do all the vitals. I just woulda liked a LITTLE help with some of that. So all four chairs needed something at the same time, including an IV and labs on this really hard little old lady. So I get the IV (first try) and I'm so excited about that, then come over to my station to print the labels. And it's all downhill from there! I keyed in her name, but never hit 'apply' so when I printed three labels, they were for the last patient that I'd printed! So I send down this little old lady's blood with someone else's label! That's a HUGE deal in hospitals. So when I get the printout and see the wrong name, I'm literally like throwing up I'm so upset. Well, not literally. And they've already done everything in the computer under the wrong patient's name, so now that other patient has lab values that don't belong to her in her chart. In four and a half years of nursing, I've never done this! So I'm crying, and my coworkers are laughing and saying it's not that big a deal (our boss is on leave) and the lab tech is calling to get all the info to write me up...it was just a disaster! I mean, no patients were harmed, just the little old lady was delayed in treatment for an extra forty five mintues. It sucks for these poor people, by the way, who have to come up here, get labs done, wait for the results, then wait for the pharmacy to mix the chemo, all for a push that literally takes less than a minute. I'm obviously SO GLAD no one I know personally has cancer!!! But, now that I've vented, I guess I can see that it's not that big a deal. And now I'll follow the rules and check the labels with the patient instead of just double inititaling by myself and sneaking them off! Isn't that the point, to learn from your mistakes? And after work, we met Ryan and Melissa and baby Nathan at my favorite restruant, Buffalo Wild Wings, and after that I went to Carter's to use my coupon for thirty dollars worth of FREE CLOTHES, no strings attached. So all in all, I guess today was blessed. Forgive me if I'm still a little peeved.

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