Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Now I know why people have those huge kitchens with a double wall oven. That's definately going on my list of things to look for when we're buying a house in Seattle. But I managed to get the whole Thanksgiving meal on the table by dinner time, so I guess all's well that ends well. All the food that I made, and here's Scott eating the only thing he ate for the whole meal...a can of cranberries. I literally just opened that up and stuck in it a bowl. Not too great for my self esteem, but hey. At least he ate something. And this is my son after he was finished playing catch with a potato, offering it to me to cook. Thanks anyway baby.

After we ate, we went outside to our too-small yard and "helped" Daddy set up some of our outdoor decorations. We want those big light up reindeers and everything that you can get at Home Depot, but seriously, our yard is just too small! We're going to turn into those tacky over-stuffed people, I just know it.

And finally, my favorite Thanksgiving tradition...setting up the tree! This is really the first year that Ava has been able to help hang the ornaments, and she had a blast. On a side note, this is when I realized that the ornament we bought at the mall at the begining of the week and left for ten minutes to be personalized...we never went back to pick it up. And no way am I going to the mall tomorrow to get it, so I hope it's still there after this weekend!

This year, I'd have to say that I'm most thankful for the fact that I'm not in the Navy anymore, so I got to take the whole week off without screwing over the other nurses on my floor, and that Nick is on shore duty and not under water somewhere eating Jello packets and tap water. So my kiddos got to spend a real holiday with both parents, and even my mom came up from Biloxi! My third pregnancy in three years is going along super easy, both of my children have never had a real problem, we have a nice home with good food and good friends, and both of our extended families are, for the most part, doing very well. So I guess there's not much that I'm NOT thankful for.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Grandma Comes for Great Wolf

My mom came up for the week of Thanksgiving, and we went up to this really neat indoor water park in Williamsburg called Great Wolf Lodge. I was a little wary because the indoor pool at the YMCA is still FREEZING, but the Lodge was a steaming 85 degrees inside, and the water was mostly mid 90s. In other words, perfect! This is a picture of us about sixteen months ago, in July of 2007...
And this was us this week...

Needless to say, it was a little more fun with a one and a half year old instead of a three month old! We stayed one night and got two full days at the park, so the kids got to do plenty, and they even had a "child safe" hot tub that was only 96 degrees, so I got to go in it even though I'm pregnant! Here's Ava meeting the Wolf or Bear or something at this great big fireplace in the lobby where they ready bedtime stories every night- and suddenly she's over her fear of this kinds of characters! (Thank goodness she was still scared of them this summer at Disney or we would have had to wait in those three hour lines for Mickey)

And this isn't Scott drowing his daddy, they're just playing in the kiddie pool.

Ava and my mom in the not-too-too-hot-tub...

And me and Scott in the tub too! Nick has been really good about trying to take pics lately because he knows how upset I get when I'm scrapbooking and I go pages and pages and pages with no pictures of my kids with their mommy. I blame the hormones.

So if you ever get a chance to visit a Great Wolf Lodge, I highly recommend it. The rooms are huge with gas fireplaces and they have a really nice buffet in the mornings, plus the water park. It's the perfect get away when you have to bring little ones.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I just wanted to write this so that I don't forget. Yesterday while I was driving the kids home from daycare, I was flipping thru channels on the radio and caught the tail end of that Taylor Swift song, Love Story. I said "oh this is my favorite song", which we always do with each other when we're listening to their play CDs and Ava said "oh it's my favorite too, can I sing it with you?" which she always says too. So a few minutes later I hear her saying something, so I turn the radio down to hear her, and she's singing IN PERFECT TIME the whole line "you were Romeo, I was the Scarlett Letter, and my dada said stay away from Juliette" What?!?! I was just floored, I almost had to pull over!!! How does she remember the words? And the beat? I know that all mothers think they're kids are super geniuses, but come on! She's only three! And it wasn't even on anymore!!! And this isn't a pic of her that day, it's from our 18hour drive to Biloxi for Mardi Gras.

Monday, November 17, 2008

How can they be so different?

I knew that Ava and Scott would be different, but sometimes I don't understand how they can be SO different. When we got to church yesterday, Ava raced off to her nursery room without even giving me a second glance, she was playing and laughing and talking to everyone even before I filled in her sticker. And then there's Scott, who started whimpering as soon as we pulled into the parking lot. He will literally CLING to my neck while I'm trying to drop him off, screaming the whole time! His teacher says he only cries for the first five minutes, and then he starts playing and he's fine. So why does he have to cry at all? He knows I'm coming back! It used to be the same way when I would take them to the gym, but now that he and Ava are in the same nursery room there, he's totally fine. Maybe he just doesn't like to be alone? Anyway, it's just weird that Ava is so independent and confident and Scott is such as...mama's boy. I hate to use that phrase, but that's sorta what he is. Sheesh.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

They Let me Blog at Work?

Apprently they do. I have the best job! When I was active duty, I got to move around between different inpatient units, but I felt really comfortable and needed on the adult oncology unit, which was the second place I got to go. I stayed there for about a year and a half, and after I got used to the different treatment options and became more comfortable taking care of people at the end of their lives, I began to love it. The Navy didn't seem that interested in my loves and desires though, so I had to finish out my last year on the labor and delivery unit, which I actually enjoyed. We deliver about three hundred to three fifty babies a month here at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth (that's ten a day!) so let me just tell you that working nights over there for a year really nailed down my time management skills. But, I am NOT a labor and delivery nurse. When I got out, I tried to go back to the oncology unit where I'd worked before, but they didn't need any part time help and they had a new manager that I wasn't really close with, so I took this position in the Ambulatory Infusion Center. I tried working at a civilian hospital out in town, but it was so depressing to have to deal with all the paperwork and the limited supplies and the HUGE patient to nurse ratio, so that didn't last very long. I am one of few people that I know who would NEVER be a patient in a civilian hospital around here, not a chance. Military medicine gets a bad rap, but it's all crap, working here has showed me how good our military has it. Anway, at the AIC, we do outpatient chemotherapy, blood transfusions, and a few odds and ends like Remicade for RA and UC and things like that. I don't love it the same way that I loved bedside oncology nursing, but I like staying in this feild, and I see a lot of the same patients. And yes, administering chemo while pregnant is safe, I did it the entire time I was pregnant with Scott and he's fine. I take all the precautions that everyone should be taking but doesn't, and I don't have anything to do with actually mixing the drugs together. I think it makes some of my patients a little nervous for me when I come at them with my giant belly and a big bag with bright green HAZMAT stickers on it, but I wouldn't do it if it wasn't safe. Speaking of which, I should probably do a little more of that and a little less playing on the computer before I get in I said, I like this job.

Give it a try...

Well, it seems like everyone I know loves their blog, so I thought I'd give it a try. We are the Engelbrecht Family- Nick Jenn Ava and Scott! I met Nick while we were both going to Auburn Univerisity through the Navy, and we got married right before I started nursing school on August 9, 2002. We got to live together for almost an entire year before he had to leave, and he's been gone off and on almost ever since! He's a nuclear officer on a submarine, so I (usually) understand why he's so busy. After I graduated and got commissioned, we moved to Norfolk VA in 2004 and I got pregnant with Ava right after spending the Christmas holidays that year with my older sister's new baby. I got baby fever as soon as I met Mia! Nick was gone for most of my pregnancy that time, but he made it home for the most important part- Ava's birthday in late October 2005. I saw a lot of women at work have their babies without their husbands and I really just don't know why they do it. Plan a little better! Ava was a REALLY easy baby, so by the time she was about six months, I was ready for more. The timing worked out great with Nick going to school and then shore duty, so we got pregnant again right away (on purpose) and I had Scott in April 2007. He was due on my birthday! But he came the week before. Nick was only gone the last three months of that pregnancy and he got home exactly a week before Scott's birthday. That makes Ava and Scott seventeen months and just a few days apart. All this time, I was still in the Navy, which was great because I kept getting paid thru all this maternity leave! We knew we wanted more kids right away, but we waited until after Scott turned one and I was closer to getting out of the Navy. Scott wasn't quite as easy a baby as Ava was, so I wanted him to be a little older before he has to give up the baby slot. He will be one month shy of two years old when his brother is born at the end of February. This pregnancy is A LOT different because for once Nick is here to stay- for the entire forty weeks! It's great. I still work at the Naval Hospital where I worked my four years active duty, but I only work two days a week now, which is awesome. I'm tyring to ease into being a stay at home mom. Ava and Scott are in a great home daycare that they love, and I usually send them on one of my three days off so that I can grocery shop and do laundry (and go to the movies), but I think after the new baby comes, I'll be at home with all three full time. Not sure how I feel about that yet. Nick is on shore duty as an ROTC instructor at Hampton University, so he's home a lot to help out. We are putting the finishing touches on our (tiny) old house- built in 1917- before we put it on the market to move up to Connecticut this summer. So that's the Engelbrechts in a nutshell...