Monday, December 28, 2009

Big Haircut

Well, no big surprise, I hate hair. Everyone knows that. Guess that's why I married a bald(ing) guy, right? But Dub was getting pretty scraggly. I didn't really really notice it until I was looking at all those Christmas pictures. Between the dried snot on his face, his dirty clothes, naked chest, and stringy hair hanging in his eyes and over his ears, he looked a little...shall we say...white trash ish. So we dragged him out to get a haircut. He did really well until the very very end, hence no picture of the finished product. Now if I could just keep him clean...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas: Round Four

We flew out of Stuart on Christmas afternoon, and made it all the way to Grandma Terri in Biloxi before dinner! Aunt Arika and Brody were there to greet us too (good thing because we needed two cars to get home from the airport!) and we headed home for yet another Christmas!
Scott, unwrapping yet another gift that's NOT HIS I got Lost season five!!!

The babies went to bed early, so they got to open their presents the next morning. We figured they probably didn't even notice it was the wrong day, right?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Round Three

All right, this one actually happened on Christmas morning.

I wasn't awake yet (surprise) but apparently when Scott got up, he immediately went to the cookies and milk we left out for Santa and ate the cookies! Then he started looking under the tree and behind the chairs for Aunt Chelle, who had put him to bed the night before. Apparently, after you put children to bed, you climb under the sofa and wait for them to wake up. Who knew?

I know it's a bad shot of the big kids, but look at that face Warren is making! (He's laughing, not crying.)

Hooray for gifts!

Scott with his new roller skates!

Nick with his nephews (who were little tiny kiddos when I met Nick, by the way.)

Hope you had a Merry Christmas too!

Pool Party

Boy, was it nice leaving Connecticut, which was hovering right around nine degrees the morning we left, and arriving in Stuart, which was hovering right around the mid seventies. It finally got up into the eighties after a few days, and that, along with Grandpa Kenny's heated pool, made for a great Pool Party in December! Fabulous, especially for this cold-hating-mama. Gave me a tiny preview of our future in Guam, and let me tell you, I'm pretty stoked.

Scott was ready to roll pretty early.let's get this show on the road guys

Cousin Timothy with that call for me?

That little dark haired baby (sorry, he's not a baby, he's Scott's age, but come on!) is Dillon, and his mother back there is Andrea. She and Nick went to high school together, then ran into each other at Auburn, then she married a military man and got stationed right by us in Virginia. And she was visiting her family back in Stuart at the same time. Small world, right?

Random pool you like my goggles?

Aunt Kimmy feeding Warren his lunch.

Who else got to go swimming on their Christmas vacations?

Christmas Round Two

Well, on Christmas Eve we headed over to Nick's mom's house for a dinner party and to open the gifts she got for all of us. We also went to a beautiful Christmas Eve service with Aunt Kimmie at her church, but I didn't drag my bulky camera in there for that.

One of the first gifts was a pair of sunglasses...that she wore for the remainder of the evening.

Scott and Cousin Hunter...

Scott had a blast opening all the gifts. Even those that did not belong to him!

It's pretty warm in South Florida at Christmas time, so Warren had to take off his sweater for the evening. I think it made for some pretty snazzy pics if I do say so myself.

Grandma Jane with the kiddos...

What a cute couple, right?

Scott found a dog leash and decided to wrap around his neck...sounds pretty safe to me...

Warren at the end of the party. No big surprise there!

Monday, December 21, 2009

More Pics

In case you didn't get enough pictures yesterday, I decided to come back today for more! Sorry about all the red eyes, I'm on Grandpa's computer and I have no idea how to edit anything.

Here is Warren with his Great Grandma Jean (Nick's mother's mother.) Yes, we know he's got her O2. Yes, she's fine.

And as promised, here are all the Engelbrecht Men. That's Nick's dad, and his father, Roy. And you already know Nick, Scott, and Warren.

And from today, here's Ava, Scott, Hunter and Hayden. Hunter started the tattoo-on-the-forehead trend, and of course, monkey see, monkey do, so everyone else had to follow suit.

And here's some action shots of the outside world. What was Warren doing this entire time, you wonder? Ahh, he was sleeping soundly upstairs in Kimberly's pack-n-play. I'm so glad he's not the same baby he used to be! Aren't you?

Ava on this four wheeler type thing. It's not a real four wheeler, like one of those ATVs or whatever. It's safe. Probably should be wearing a helmet though, especially considering that not long after this shot, she fell right off the back of Live and learn, right?

Giving rides to the guys...

Scott on some kind of dune buggy looking thing. It's so hard for that kiddo to pedal anything! I don't know if it's because his legs are short, or if that's just a skill they develop later.

And here's Scott on the ride home, struggling to stay awake as nap time fast approaches. Do you like his disguise?