Monday, January 19, 2009

Bargain Shopping

Well, I read all these other gal's blogs about these amazing deals they get at the grocery store, but yesterday was the first real day I tried it out seriously. It's hard to find a great deal, actually, because I can go to the commissary, and even the mega deals at Harris Teeter and Farm Fresh don't usually beat commissary prices. Anyway, Kroger had some awesome deals, and I happened to have some awesome coupons, so I planned it out before church and then went during naps. I got a few cans of Rotel for NINE CENTS EACH!!! And, my biggest accomplishment of the afternoon, I got two jars of Franks Red Hot sauce FOR FREE!!! They were on sale for a dollar forty nine, minus fifty cents because I bought ten of the super deal things (and I actually needed all ten!) and then I had a fifty cent off coupon for each bottle, and Kroger doubles coupons, so they were LITERALLY FREE! Huh. When I read those blogs, I always wonder, 'why did they buy all of that stuff, who would really need that?' but now I know. It's very addictive! But I'm gonna try to keep it under control and really only buy what I actually need. Although you can always use something later on...

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