Thursday, January 29, 2009

Getting The Last Minute Stuff Done

I finally got around to looking for Warren's scrapbook, and, naturally, I had a very hard time. Any scrapbookers out there, you know what I'm talking about! I wanted a 12x12 album with some preprinted 'Baby's First Year' pages to record all the cheesy "this is when we found out we were having you" and "this is what we did to prepare" and all that, just like a regular baby book. But I also need it to be post bound, so I can add all the pages I need to do my own from-scratch scrapbooking. Ava's is perfect, it has all that, but the preprinted pages have a border that's not that great, so I didn't want to get one from that company, which I think is the only company that makes what I want (, if anyone would like one, they're really very nice.) And Scott's does all that too, but it's not 12x12, so you can't use plastic page protectors, and you have to be really creative with your layouts. BUT, they only make two books, a boy or a girl. And I don't want their books to be the same! So, long story short, I went with one like Scott's, but from a different company, so it won't match.
It looks really girlie, so hopefully it's not. I got it at if anyone is interested. I can't wait till it gets here so I can get started! I also need a new family scrapbook, the one I'm using right now is literally bursting at the seams. One day I'll figure out how to scan 12x12 pages into the computer (I know it's possible!) so that I can post those pics instead of boring old camera shots! Next on my last minute list? A diaper bag. I love the one I used for Ava and Scott, but after two babies, it's getting just a tad worn out. It's really starting to hit- I'm gonna have another baby in twenty seven (or LESS) days! Yippee!!!

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