Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Well yesterday was Nick's thirty first birthday. It's so depressing how birthdays just aren't that big of a deal after you're, like, ten, isn't it? I was supposed to work, but they asked me to swap, so I got to stay home and at least bake a cake (chocolate chip pound cake, yum!) Obviously Ava and Scott were thrilled to help- I missed the shot of Scott leaning all the way over to lick the mixer WHILE IT WAS STILL ATTACHED TO THE APPLIANCE- gross! Thus is life at the Engelbrecht house. Look how excited Ava is about those chocolate chips!Now she's trying to figure out what's happening to the eggs she put in- and probably looking at some eggshells too.
And here we are unwrapping the gift- yes, it's wrapped in pink paper. That's all I had, and I don't apologize for it at all! I don't think anyone minded. Naturally, I got him something from Williams and Sonoma. For the past few years, all of our gifts for each other have come from there!It's a non stick pan and cookie cutter type thing to make french bread pizza, which they are calling pizza sticks, I have no idea why. We make a lot of pizzas, but me and Nick like opposites, and the kids just want pineapples. So now we can all have our own, but they'll cook at the same time. Genius. I just love Williams and Sonoma!!!
So happy birthday babe, sorry it wasn't very exciting. Kinda thought I might have the baby, but no dice. Guess he's still not ready. Four more weeks!!!

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