Friday, January 2, 2009


For the past few days, I've been obsessing about the baby's room, and all of a sudden it dawned on me that I'm nesting! Hooray! Although, I still have seven weeks, so hopefully it won't get too out of control. When I was pregnant with Ava, I was obsessed with washing her baby clothes. I wanted to wash them three or four times and use TONS of dryer sheets so they smelled great, and get them all folded was crazy. And with Scott...I don't think I nested too much with Scott. I was too busy working and hoping that Nick made it home in time. He did- with seven days to spare. And he was coming in our room, so... Anyway, this week has been slow at work, so I've been looking at crib bedding online. Until last week, we planned on keeping this little guy in our room until we moved, but since he'll be over six months now when we FINALLY get out of our tiny house, we've moved Ava and Scott into Ava's room (which is bigger than our room, by the way. She's got a queen sized bed and the full crib in there and PLENTY of play space, even with the glider and ottoman, changing table, tall dresser, and bookshelf. But that's a whole other story.) And this guy's going in Scott's old room. So I want new bedding and a fresh coat of paint, since he doesn't get anything else! Here is some of the bedding I've been looking at. I don't usually do "cute" but I like that little monkey! Probably won't make it to the final cut though, just cause it's too cutesy.

And that one is a little pricey...
That one up there is my favorite, but I'm thinking that his daddy will say it's too girlie. And there is a bunny on it. But it's so elegant, I like it almost as much as Ava's, which, for those of you that know me, is saying a lot. I wanted to redecorate my entire house with Ava's pattern!
I also like that one, but I was hoping for a green room. Not too sure what color to paint the room if I went with that. We could always use my FAVORITE color- beige! What can I say, I love browns and creams and earth tones! I'd have to see that in real life to see if those are burnt red, or dark pink. Hmm... I am also obsessed with baby hangers! We have a ZILLION baby hangers because I don't use Ava or Scott's dressers, but I want to start going thru Scott's stuff and seeing what I can salvage for this guy (Scott spit up a lot) but it doesn't make sense to start until I can hang it up, and we don't have any extra hangers! And they were out at Target! Can you imagine? What's an obsessed nesting pregnant woman to do? Beg her husband to take her to Babies R Us!!! AND I think we've narrowed down the Name Search! I've finally worn Nick down on the name Wesley, which I have always loved, so naturally as soon as he said that just maybe it would work, it's not that appealing to me anymore- that is so frustrating! Same thing happened when we were trying to name Ava. And we both love Warren a lot. So Wesley vs Warren. For now. We'll see what actually goes on the birth certificate!!!

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