Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Lives in Pictures

Nothing much going on lately. Getting more and more nervous about how Scott is going to react to Warren. I don't know why I'm so paranoid, I never thought twice about it when Ava was littler and I was getting ready to deliver Scott! He's just so different than she was, mainly due to the fact that by the time I was almost ready to pop with him, Ava (seventeen months at this time) had the most incredible vocabulary! She could speak much more than Scott speaks now (and he's twenty two months old!!!) So that's the main source of my frustration, my confusion over how much he understands versus how much he will communicate back to me. He plays with baby dolls (give me a break, his big sister has seventy two baby dolls in each room of my house) but I just don't think he understands that soon we'll be having a real live baby in the house. Lord grant me the serenity!

But isn't this the cutest little man you've ever seen?
Eighty zillion dollars worth of toys, and here are my children playing 'slides' with two six dollar laundry baskets...
And even more fun? Playing with Daddy in the laundry basket!
Slightly safer than the actual power tools Daddy usually lets him play with, here's Scott with his Christmas tool set...
And not to be outdone, here is Ava getting ready to build something VERY SAFELY!
Doesn't she look just like a lady? I mean, she is a lady, but she looks so grown up in that chair, with her little legs tucked up...
For as nervous as I am about Scott and Warren, I'm twice as excited about Ava and Warren. She had a blast when we brought Scott home, and now that she's older, I think she'll have even more fun with Warren!!! She talks to him all the time (although she thinks that he IS my belly button) and she's even started asking when he's going to come out. Here's hoping she's not too helpful... how blessed am I that I need to worry about too much help?
Scott has taken to making the most unusual face whenever he sees the camera...
And here is Ava with her current favorite baby, the real live Baby Nathan! This is the child that she named her doll after, the son of her best friends Ryan and Melissa. I still don't think Ava knows that sometimes Ryan and Melissa actually come over to see Mommy and Daddy, not just Ava. We won't tell her yet!

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