Friday, January 16, 2009

Pow-Pow-Power Wheels

So Nick is always playing with these power wheels at Toys R Us, but I would NEVER let him buy one because they are ridiculously expensive. So his XO called him up one day and was like 'my kids are too big for our old power wheels, do you want it or should I just take it to the dump?' Uhh, WE WANT IT! It's in pristine condition, I don't think the guy's kids ever really rode it. And the day we picked it up, it was no-lie sixty eight degrees outside! It was meant to be. Here is my darling duo getting all buckled in to take it for a spin.

I'm not sure why, but Ava doesn't like to drive it. I should put that in quotes, as in Ava doesn't like to "drive" it because neither of them really know how to drive. They just mash the gas, then stop, mash the gas, then stop. And steering...let's just say that the concept of steering hasn't quite made it thru yet. Anyway, she doesn't like to drive, she always makes Scott drive and she just plays with the radio. I hope that she doesn't think that since I never drive when Nick is around, that girls aren't supposed to drive!!! I just really hate to drive. And I'm sort of a terrible driver.
Don't they look adorable? Or terrified? Either way. They love it, they ask to play with it all the time. And they don't even need to drive it, the other day Nick put it in the backyard and Ava decided it was a firetruck and they needed to wash it, so they just got out some rags and pretended to wash it!!! Isn't that crazy? I never knew that three year olds would pretend play as much as she does. Should have paid more attention to our peds classes in nursing school I guess.

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