Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Semi Official

Well I think it's almost a definite- Warren Engelbrecht. Ava has started talking (shouting) to her baby brother thru my belly button, and she's hooked on calling him Warren. And we think Scott calls him Warren too, but he might just be saying Rowen, which is the name of the baby next door. Who knows. Now I get to think about the middle name- Ray. Or Raye. Mine is Raye, so obviously that's what I want to use. But is that too girlie? I mean, I know that a girl would actually be Rae, but I don't want him to be eleven and hate me because our names are the same. Sigh. How lucky am I that these are the sorts of things I have to worry about? And as long as I'm rambling, I want to say how magical I think chiropractors are. I hate it when women complain about being pregnant because -hello!- you got yourself pregnant! It's not like you got cancer! That being said, I was in so much pain yesterday I literally thought that I might actually die from the pain. For real! So I called my beloved chiropractor and he told me to come by as soon as I got off work, which I obviously did, and he put me on that table and popped and cracked and adjusted this and that and here I am at work today, pain almost completely gone! It was crazy! I mean, when I was pregnant with Scott he always had his foot way up in my ribs, and that didn't really feel great, but this was NOTHING LIKE THAT! I seriously thought I broke a rib, it hurt that bad. I didn't. And honey, if you're reading this, I'm going to see Dr. Clayton at least once a week from here till delivery. We'll have to make it work. Seven more weeks till we see baby Warren!!!

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