Sunday, January 25, 2009


You know that song 'That's What I love about Sundays'? Well I love Sundays now too. Still not too excited about not working AT ALL after Warren gets here, but I'm so so so thankful that, now that I'm out of the Navy, I get every single Sunday off. I wouldn't trade that for ANYTHING. Nick always lets me sleep until I'm ready to get up, then I get to take a shower before I even go downstairs. Yes, that's a shower, by myself, upstairs, by myself, with no kids banging on the gate at their bedroom asking me how much longer I'm going to be. So that's the first thing I love about Sundays. Then I go down, and the kids are already fed and playing quietly, and Nick eats with me while I clip the coupons in the Sunday paper! The new, even-more-dorky-me gets SUPER excited about this. Then we head to church, which Ava loves and Scott, even though he still screams at drop off, is getting more and more accustomed to.

And today, we changed it up a little! I know, I know, you're thinking, 'is this Jennifer? She would NEVER change her routine!' But we usually just go to worship and then home, so we can get lunch right away and get naps. So today they started a new Sunday school class for gospel driven parenting, and I just HAD to go. I mean, my kids are pretty easy and I think I'm doing a decent job, but there wasn't a doubt in my mind from the instant I read the announcement in the bulletin before Christmas that God set this class up for me. So today was their first day staying in the nurseries for both hours (which actually is three hours). They seemed to do all right, just really tired, no surprise there. So hopefully they'll sleep good and hard and then just play until dinner time. Nice lazy-but-still-productive day, right?

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