Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birth Day In Pictures

I journalled the whole experience here, but here is the fun part- the pictures!

This is me at six am, on the dot, in the L&D triage waiting room. Little do I know that it'll be seven more hours before I deliver!

Here is Nick, in the OR get-up they make the dad's wear. We just realized that we hadn't got any shots of Nick in any of our deliveries, so we took one real quick.

I heard them call out his weight before I got a really good look at him, and I was so groggy that I actually remember thinking 'why are they weighing another woman's baby in my OR?' I REALLY thought he was going to be tiny!!!

Here is our very first family photo!

The next three are Warren in the OBS nursery- he was a "well baby" who would not ordinarily go to the nursery as our hospital is strictly "family centered care" but for some reason they won't set up baby warmers in the PACU, where you recover from a section, so they have to be in the nursery. It's lonely in the PACU, with your big empty belly, knowing that your baby is literally only a few yards away! But, I knew that Nick was there with him, so I didn't cry too too much.

And at long last, here I am with my chubby little baby!

Here's the first shot I got of Nick with the baby, but he actually got to feed him in the nursery. Even though Warren mapped out as 'average for gestational age', I was worried about how big he was and the fact that the last time I had eaten (and the last time he'd gotten any sugar from me) was like eighteen hours before, so I made Nick promise to feed him for me!
And here's my final picture of the day. Trust me, there will be MANY MANY more soon!

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  1. i just boo-hooed over your pictures. your children are beautiful!