Friday, February 27, 2009

Blogging from the Hospital on my Phone

Well, I thought I could post pics from my phone, but try as I might, I just cannot figure it out! But since I use this blog for my own records, to fill in the journaling on my scrapbooks, I'm just gonna go ahead and write now, and I'll do a picture post when we get home.

After getting bumped by TWO other girls, they finally decided it was my turn and Nick got all dressed up in his bunny suit and I walked to the OR with Misty, the circulating nurse, and Dr. Geiger, the anesthesiologist. The one good thing about having to wait was that one of the docs I got to know from working there, Dr. Querry, saw my chart and agreed to be the resident! So that was awesome.

Once back in the OR, sitting on the table getting ready for my spinal, I had a mild panic attack. I don't know what exactly I was scared of, but it probably has something to do with the fact that while working on L and D, I saw dozens of sections from the other end. And they are NOT pretty. But I sat for the spinal and once they laid me back I started getting sleepy and dozed off while they prepped me and got the drapes up. Blame it on the fact that I was too excited to sleep on Tues night and I hadn't eaten in almost twenty hours. Then Nick was at my head, Dr. Querry poked her head over the drape and asked if I was ready, and off we went!

She made the first incision at 12:54, and I heard the blessed statement nine minutes later 'baby's out, thirteen oh three, it's a boy!'. Anesthesia actually encouraged Nick to stand up, which they didn't let him do with Scott, and he actually got to watch them deliver our son, Warren Ray Engelbrecht! He says it was beautiful, but come on. We all know it musta been more than a little gruesome!

Shortly after that, Dr. Querry held little (not so little!) Warren up over the drape for me to see, at which point he promptly spit a glob of amniotic fluid into MY EYES!!! What a booger!
Then it was off to the baby warmer, where Nick joined him and the peds staff while they rubbed him down and weighed him. When they called out 'eight pounds, one point six ounces' I was in shock! All these weeks, I SWORE he was so much smaller than Scott. They wrapped him up and Nick brought him back to my side of the drape for a few minutes of kissing before they both left for the nursery. Then Dr. Querry stitched me up and I was off to the PACU for two long hours of trying to get my legs working. Nick spent that time bouncing back between me and the nursery. I finally got my hands on my little chubby man at around four in the afternoon!

My stay has been great, this experience is actually the best of the three. Everyone has been super nice, Warren is a great eater, he loves to cuddle, and he's been sleeping great thus far. Mmmm, he's on my shoulder right now and he smells perfect! Thanks for all your prayers, we have been blessed yet again with a perfectly healthy baby!

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  1. Congratulations guys! Can't wait to meet that precious angel and ooh and ahh all over him! ~ meryl