Friday, February 13, 2009

Large Families

I was just thumbing thru some of my favorite blogs (see why I love this job so much?) and I found this article about large families these days that I thought was sorta neat.

Now, I do worry about the environmental impact of all my kids. And I did take a teensy bit of offense when someone at work (who was TOTALLY kidding, by the way) made a comment about me having my ninth baby. In his defense, we've worked together for all these last four years, so he's literally only seen me in non-maternity clothes for like, two days. But still. I really want a big family! And, not to sound like a total brat, but with Nick, I can afford to have big family. Here are a few of my fave quotes from the article above.

"Parents of large families counter that they have an economy of scale: a light bulb lights a room whether there are 4 people or 14. Their children learn not to take long showers, to share space, to appreciate hand-me-down toys, clothes and books.

How can you afford so many? “Lifestyles are expensive, not kids.”

Don’t you know what causes that? “Oh, yes, I now wash my husband’s underwear separately.” "

So. That's a little glimpse at my busy last day of work.

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