Monday, February 2, 2009

The Nursery

We've been busy putting the finishing touches on the nursery (Scott's old room.) This is the third nursery I've put together in three and a half years! Nick took on the project of letting the 'big kids' help paint the room a pale barely-there green.
I couldn't really get the right angle to see the room, but trust me, it's cute. This is from the doorway. This is full on in front of the crib. Now, it's a mini crib, not a bassinet! They're really cool, they're marketed more towards people who live in cities and only have one bedroom, but our house is pretty small, and when we bought it, we were planning on keeping Scott in our room permanently. Needless to say, that didn't pan out, but I still really love the crib. And it's safe for up to fifty pounds, so it's really a real crib, just shorter. And it's not like I'm bringing up any NBA stars, right?
This is the corner, the star posts are mounted on the closet door. I just wanted to show off the little monkey.
And this is the twelve month frame (Ava and Scott have them too, Ava's is red and Scott's is blue.) This one will be the same green as the shelves. But, more importantly, when we went to Michael's to get the wooden letters to spell out his name, the didn't have any R's for like, three trips in a row, so Nick was finally like, 'wait a minute, I can make those.' And he did! I don't know what he used to cut the wood, but they're literally flawless, he could sell them thru Pottery Barn Kids. Isn't that awesome?Now we just need a baby to put in this stylish and decorated with love room...

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