Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Special Scott

So you all know that Scott's favorite thing ever is vacuum cleaners. He loves all of them, he loves pictures of them, he loves going down that aisle at Home Depot. So this afternoon, we noticed him walking around sort of cradling his vacuum, no big deal. Then he gently lays the vacuum down on the floor and proceeds to try to PUT A DIAPER ON HIS VACUUM CLEANER. Just like a baby!!! Now, he knows where the baby dolls are, he and Ava play with them all the time, he just chose to take care of his VACUUM CLEANER instead!!! And then, a little later, he had it standing in the dining room and he was using a tissue and telling it to blow its nose!!! Oh my goodness. I was blown away when I discovered that Ava was using her imagination, but this takes the cake! So, here is my beloved son, caring for his vacuum cleaner.

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