Monday, February 23, 2009

Still Here

I'm still here, and still pregnant. I don't mind that much, I'm just getting sort of bored. I need to see what this baby looks like, how he smells, his personality, how he fits into our little family! I'm ready already! Sheesh. I have to admit, I sort of thought that when Michelle stepped off the plane on Saturday, I would go into labor right there, progress on the car ride home, drop her and the kids off at home and then go to the hospital and deliver Warren early Saturday night. Not so much.

But it is GREAT having Michelle here, obviously. I know that moms are supposed to love bath time, right? I mean, you wash your kids and then sit back while they play, nice and easy. I, however, HATE bathtime, I have no idea why. I hate the whole thing. And last night Michelle took my place! All I had to do was lotion 'em up, wrestle them into jammies, and read a story! HOORAY!! And tonight, she's babysitting and Nick and I are going to PF Chang's sans kids! AND, I finally got my P&G coupon book with over a hundred twenty dollars worth of coupons! Yea! All you had to do was spend fifty bucks on P&G products (hello, that's like, a box of diapers and a candy bar) and mail them your receipt So that'll give me something to do tomorrow.

Unless, of course, I go into labor. Right.

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