Saturday, February 7, 2009


Well my baby sister Arika is going to have her baby this week! Her doctor said she would induce Arika at thirty nine weeks on Wednesday, so hopefully we'll meet little Brody by Thursday morning! My hospital doesn't do inductions unless it's for diabetes, post dates, or hypertension, so I never did it while I worked on L&D, but I'm sure her doctor knows what she's doing, right? I'm a little nervous for her, so I appreciate all prayers, mostly for her, but a few for me to put my mind at ease. I know God has plans for Brody! Here is Arika at thirty eight weeks, two weeks ahead of me, and monumentally smaller.

I have recently discovered how to combine blogging with my absolute favorite hobby in the whole world- SCRAPBOOKING! If only I was a little more computer savvy...I've recently got it in my head that, if only I had a Mac, I could do more. But I have no real reason to think that, I just like Mac commercials. I can barely function on any computer anyway. I will try to keep jazzing up this ole blog as best I can, but I think my main passion is still going to be regular paper scrapbooks. Good thing, since I just spent a small fortune at Michael's on accessories for Warren's baby book and a whole new book and some papers for our family book. But hey, I got the book half off with a coupon!

I am now so big that I can't even wear maternity jeans anymore. It's not even my belly, which is smaller than it was with Scott, it's my bottom and my thighs. And I can't convince myself that Warren is somehow magically responsible for that, so it must be all those whoppers that I ate. I officially weigh more than Nick, and I weigh more than all my regular cancer patients and most of the RA patients too. It's quite depressing, especially considering how much I worked out at the beginning, even up until the middle of January!!! But alas. Nick said to me the other morning "I think you got bigger overnight" so I decided to take a belly pic now before I get so disgusted with myself that I would just burn it. Look at your own risk.

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