Monday, February 9, 2009

We Caught the Crud

I've always been pretty impressed that Ava and Scott never get sick. Ava had an ear infection once when she was six months old, but other than that, I've barely ever taken them to the pediatrician other than the well babies. They get runny noses and fevers, but never sick, you know? Until now!

Ava threw up yesterday morning, but I kinda had it in the back of my mind that she'd done it on purpose. I know, I know, what kind of mother thinks that way? But she had woken up at five (a regular occurance these days) and Nick went in there and told her to get back in bed until the lights came on outside her windows. Then we start hearing coughing and gagging, then she's throwing up. So that's why I thought she was doing it on purpose. And she was acting fine all day, happy and playing and totally fine.

Then we had Ryan and Melissa and Real Live Nathan over for dinner, and still Ava was acting totally fine, just getting tired around seven, which is her bedtime. And out of nowhere, she gets sick all over poor Melissa! So we cut the visit short, got the kids in the shower and went to bed.

Which brings us to this morning, where Nick gets up to get ready for work at six and finds Ava sleeping on the floor of their bedroom, right by the gate! ON THE FLOOR! So he gets ready two feet from her face (their room is right across from the bathroom) and then he heads out, and I don't really wake up till seven thirty, and it's Scott making noise, not Ava. So I open the gate, two inches from her face, and step over her to get to the crib. All the while Scott is talking to me and her, and she's not moving. I did pause to make sure she was breathing, by the way.

She slept on that floor until eight fifteen, when I finally got freaked out and woke her up. It was crazy, but she was acting fine, and Scott was having his own tummy issues, just not the throwing up kind :) I've used almost an entire tube of Balmex on him today.

So then while I was taking a shower and they were playing in their room, all hell broke loose. Ava is getting sick ALL OVER THE PLACE, she's crying because it's icky, Scott's crying because he's scared of her and everything, I'm crying because I'm so fat that I can't bend over to help was a nightmare.

Isn't there a bible verse about God laughing at the plans of men? I planned on taking these kids to school so I could get a hair cut and a pedicure today. I'm laughing with you Lord, on the inside.

So we're spending the day watching Dora and eating cheerios in the living room- which we normally are not allowed to do. Hope their brains don't get too rotten, but I'm starting to feel it too, and I just don't have the energy to do anything else. I did manage to snap a pic of Ava, I think it sums up how she feels pretty well.

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