Sunday, March 22, 2009


It's still ridiculously cold here, so we headed out to the Virginia Beach Aquarium yesterday for something to do. Right after Ava was born, we had a membership there, but seriously, it's probably been three years since we've been. It's just such a long ways out there! When me and Nick first got together, any time we would go anywhere for a vacation, any time we went out of town at all, we always hit the aquariums. The one in London was great! Anyway, being there yesterday just brought all that back, it was so much fun! I hope in Seattle we have a basement so Nick can get a nice saltwater fish tank going again.

Here is Ava with a (fake) snake at the little river otter exhibit next door to the aquarium. The river otters were all sleeping under this pile of sticks- we couldn't even see them!!

Getting ready to pet sting rays... naturally, Scott REALLY enjoyed this.

My personal favorite, the sea turtles. I just love those things! I really want to see one in the real world one day.

Most of my family, held hostage by a shark...

Ava taking a break...

Watching some more fish...

And me and the kids, bribed with Reeses Pieces into taking a picture with me.

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