Wednesday, March 11, 2009

At Long Last, the First Real Bath!!!

Well, after hearing Ava ask a thousand times a day if his 'booger' fell off yet, Warren's cord finally fell off and we got him into the tub last night! And he didn't even freak out, which was a first for me, Ava and Scott screaming thru their entire first baths. The big kids were excited to help wash his belly and help Nick rinse him off, and Warren just sort of lay there looking around. What a tough kid.

Here's Ava giving him a kiss while I try to get some lotion on him. Now, he didn't cry in the tub, but man, he screamed and screamed while I dried him off and got his nightgown on! Hence Scott playing with his shape sorter in the background, trying to ignore the entire situation.

And the finished product, a (finally!) clean baby boy!

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