Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Check Out My Savings!

All right, I've always wanted to post a pic, but I was waiting for a super savings day. And, readers, today was the day! And tomorrow will be almost as good. So here's the deal. Harris Teeter is TRIPLING coupons, up to 99 cents, for an entire week. But there's a limit of 20 coupons a day, which I actually didn't know until I was wandering around in there this morning and I heard another lady mention it to her friend. Thanks ladies! So this picture is what I got. The bananas and bread were coupon free, but the bread was buy one get one free, and at Harris Teeter, you don't have to buy both to get the first one half off.

total at first: 106.15 (Harris Teeter is ridiculously overpriced)
vic saving 19.87
coupons 52.97

total out of pocket that I paid: 33.31

Isn't that amazing? Some of my coupons weren't actually that awesome, but here's a breakdown of the most stellar ones. And I'm headed back tomorrow for frozen veggies and Pillsbury biscuits!

2 boxes honeycomb 35 cents each
2 boxes fruit by the foot 87 cents each

frosting 35 cents

2 cans diced green chiles 47 cents each

5 bottles Kens (8oz) for 56 cents each

spicy brown mustard negative 6cents!!!

small franks negative 24cents!!

large franks 50 cents

2 bags egg noodles 1.24 cents a bag

lg jar helmens may 1.70

lg jar jelly 1.45

fiber one yogurt 4pack for 1.39

2 bags (when did they stop using boxes, by the way/) Lipoton noodle sides for 36 cents each

2 packets sloppy joe mix for 9 cents each!!!

By the way, last night's Jeopardy was a total letdown. Aaron wasn't quick enough to ring in as many times as he needed to (they were FAST ya'll) and Larissa got final jeopardy WRONG so this caveman guy with a unibrow swept in and won the whole thing. Dang.

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