Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Five Sucky Things I Keep Forgetting About the Post Partum Weeks

1. How tired I am. Warren sleeps great, three and four hours at a time, and then he's only up for fifteen, twenty minutes, just long enough to eat. And Nick does at least half of these, probably more. So I blame this EXHAUSTION on the blood loss from surgery. That makes sense, right? Surely it can't just be that I'm lazy. Surely.

2. How "fluffy" my belly is. How big was I? I mean, I didn't expect to loose all fifty pounds in the delivery room, but come on. The only shoes I can wear are my flip flops, and I can't even get my wedding ring on my pinky.

3. How sore my belly is. No more explanation necessary. Starting to seriously rethink my idea for a tummy tuck once I'm done with this havin' babies business. This pain wouldn't seem worth it without this cute baby as a reward!

4.How much crap you have to
pack in a bag for a brand new baby. With Ava potty trained and Scott being older, I could just toss a diaper and two sippy cups in my purse and head out. Not so much anymore.

5. How much I miss the feeling of a baby moving in my belly. I know you think it's crazy, but I just love being pregnant.

So that's my list. And you know what? It woulda been the same after Ava, and the same after Scott. I guess that's part of the mommy amnesia. But now I have it here in cyber space to forever remind me.

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