Friday, March 6, 2009

Good Friends, Great Weather

Today, it's been slowly but surely warming up, so we took the big kids outside to play with the Jeep. Man, they love that thing! Seriously, I'm gonna be ETERNALLY grateful to Nick's boss for giving it to us, because I never would have bought one. Ryan and Melissa and real live baby Nathan- who turns one next week, so I probably can't call him that anymore- came over for dinner. I still haven't started cooking again yet, so we just got Pannera-yummy- and got to hang out and talk instead of cleaning up and doing dishes. So it worked out great!

Here is Ava, Scott, and Nathan, finishing up the Edible Arrangement my mom sent. By the way, that thing was AWESOME!!! If you're ever looking for an amazing alternative to flowers, send someone one of those things. Ava and Scott devoured it in two days- with a little help from their parents, of course.

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