Monday, March 23, 2009


Well, bargain shopping hasn't been that exciting lately. Mainly because Harris Teeter and Farm Fresh rarely beat commissary prices, even with their buy one get one free deals and double coupons. Another huge problem is that the Virginia Pilot no longer has the RedPlum coupon inserts in the Sunday papers, and my mother won't send me hers. Yes Mom, I'm trying to guilt trip you here. Mail me those inserts, I have nothing better to do!

Anyway, I did find some bargains today. Got a new razor (a real one, not the disposable kind) for 0.99 at Walgreens, along with two canisters of Similac powder (full 23oz size) for 16 dollars each. That was huge, as Warren is now eating four ounces every three hours, sometimes every two! And then at Harris Teeter today, I got two bottles of Lysol kitchen cleaner spray for 0.74 each, and two bottles of Lysol toilet bowl cleaner for somewhere around 0.54 each. Truthfully, I don't even know if we use that. Nick takes care of both bathrooms for me.

Speaking of Nick, what a guy. I am officially a plus size mama now, and I had to go to Lane Bryant for the first time and buy a giant pair of pants. Apparently my butt and thighs didn't want my belly to feel bad for getting so huge during my pregnancy, so they beefed up in support. And Nick went with me to the store and waited while I tried on the giant pants, and told me that I looked great. And he sounded really sincere. So instead of crying all afternoon, I just felt blessed.

Warren will be four weeks on Wed, so that leaves me two more weeks until I start Weight Watchers. Yuck. But, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

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