Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some More Warm Weather Pics

Well, I jinxed myself Monday night. After I ran my mouth about what a great sleeper Warren is, he stayed up till midnight to 'play' and then he was up at one, two, three, five, and then for good at quarter to seven. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE TO SLEEP. I mean, seriously, I used to sleep until noon on a regular basis. That's why I liked working nights, because it gave me the illusion of sleeping more because I slept until three in the afternoon. Ohhh, how I miss those days! I love working in the clinic, but man! I am TOTALLY a night shift nurse.

Anyway. Our weather out here is mid seventies one day, mid forties the next, which is doing wonders for my allergies and sinuses. I think that's why I had such a hard time rocking my little guy to sleep- whenever his little eyes would drift shut, I would be attacked by a coughing fit (which feels GREAT on my incision, by the way) and he would bolt awake, probably terrified of the noise. But the big kids love it, and neither one of them seems to be having a problem with allergies yet. Maybe they won't need their Claritin or Zyrtec this year! I hate to have to medicate them every single day, it sucks.

Here is my husband, One Trip Nick, getting everything out of his truck and into the back yard in one fell swoop.

Me and both of my little guys. I'm still SO SO SO impressed at how well Scott is handling his little brother! He hates it when Warren cries, but other than that, he's so great!

And the big kids on a snack break. Man, my kids can eat a lot.

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