Friday, March 13, 2009


Oh. My. Gosh. I am SO EXCITED! I just bought my Wicked tickets! I am literally SCREAMING with excitement in my own head. Screaming! I just can't stop smiling! I've been waiting FOREVER to see this show, ever since Kristin Chenoweth strutted onto the Jeopardy stage to sing an excerpt from 'Popular.' Man, I was hooked from that little tiny clip!!! And now I'm going to see it for real!

I know EVERY SINGLE WORD to the original Broadway soundtrack. Now I know a lot of people say that they know all the words to this CD and that CD, and they're usually lying, but, faithful readers, I am not lying. I really do know every word!!! And Ava knows a lot of the words to 'Popular' and 'What is This Feeling?' I spent many many hours waiting in line at the tunnel in the mornings after work, volume all the way up in my mini van, screaming along to 'Defying Gravity' and 'No Good Deed.' Man, I am so excited! Have I mentioned that yet? I wish wish wish I had some sort of musical talent! I need to be a composer or something!!!

I just hope that I don't get super disappointed. I went to see the Phantom once in Atlanta, and, after listening to Sara Brightman for so many years, that girl in Atlanta just totally bummed me out. She just wasn't anywhere NEAR Sara Brightman! But (deep breath) I'm sure this is going to be amazing. I'm obsessed with the music itself, so even if the voices aren't up to par, the orchestra should be.

Ryan and Melissa graciously agreed to babysit (thanks guys!!!) but let me just tell you that if something happens and that plan falls thru, Nick will be stuck at home and I'll be at the show all by myself, probably singing along with no one there to shush me, and everyone around me will get mad. But it'll be worth it! HOORAY!!!

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