Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back at Work

Well, today is my first day back at work, so naturally, that means I have all day to work on my blog! Hooray! Now, I don't really like the sidebar being over there on the left, but when it was on the right, you could barely read my posts because they faded into that pink background. So we'll try this for a while.

Oh, being back at work. Feels so good! Nick was joking around last night about Warren taking his first steps today while I'm here. Ya'll, he's BIG. He's tall! Of course, I got two shorties, so maybe my standards are a little different, but he seems really tall to me. In one aspect, I hope he IS tall, but on the other hand, I'll feel bad if he's taller than Scott, his big brother. You know? I mean, Nick doesn't mind being short, but most guys aren't quite as well adjusted as Nick, right?

And look at these cheeks!
And what's Ava been up to lately? Well, she loves what we refer to as 'big girl school' and I think she enjoys the fact that she only goes every other day, that way she still gets plenty of time with her 'babies' Warren and Scott. By the way, she now changes Scott's diapers, and takes him to the bathroom to try and potty train him. SHE'S THREE AND A HALF YA'LL. But, she just really wants to be a mama I guess. Must be because she has such a great mama to look up to :)

Here's what she's doing when she's not mothering her siblings- dressing up in all the pieces of clothes that she can get her hands on. Isn't she the most darling child you've ever laid your eyes on? You can admit it, I won't tell your kids you said so.

I think the pink socks make a nice finishing touch. Are all kids so picky about their socks, by the way? She only likes ankle socks (she occasionally makes an exception in the name of Dress Up) and they have to be perfectly placed, centered on her toes, no fuzzies inside to irritate between her toes, lined up on the heel- you name it, that girl has a specific demand. Kinda strange. But it's her only attire demand, so I'm grateful. At least she doesn't demand to go to Target dressed all crazy like some girls do! She'll wear whatever we lay out, just as long as her socks are perfect.

Scott is hitting the terrible twos with full force. And I cringe because I now know that the terrible threes are even worse! But we are trying to work our way thru it, and the better his vocabulary gets, the better we can train him and guide him the way we would like him to go. So that's helpful. Here's a pic from BWW, my favorite (pre WW) restaurant. Not the greatest pic, but it's all I see here recently. Trust me, he's just as cute as ever!
All right, back to work. A few dear patients of mine passed while I was gone, so that's disappointing that I couldn't be with them, but alas, life goes on. One of my regulars is here today and I think two more are going to be in my room next Wednesday, so I've at least got that to look forward to! I just love my job, have I ever mentioned that? It's hard to explain to anyone who doesn't do oncology on a day to day basis, but this is definitely why I was called into nursing. As Beth Moore would say, I was put here for this purpose. Ohh, I gave myself goosebumps!

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  1. Hi Jennifer! I wasn't sure how to respond to your comment on my blog! I wish blogger would create a response box (or something) underneath the comments that would get back to the commenter...get that!? :-)

    Anyway, I got the shirt from They have TONS of HILARIOUS tshirts! Type in maternity or pregnancy and you'll get 1000 matches! I had a lot of fun browsing.

    I added your blog to my google reader...I LOVE new blogs to read! I think it's some sort of outlet for me..and a way for me to feel connected since I'm at home A LOT! I don't feel so isolated with all my blog hopping friends!

    Thanks for reading! I look forward to catching up on yours!! :-)