Sunday, April 26, 2009


If you wanna know how to save money this week at Harris's one scenario.

Initial Price: 35.54
VIC Savings: 10.07
Coupons: 19.03

Out of Pocket: 6.44

Here's what I got. Not that much for 35.54 (remember, Harris Teeter is like, the most ridiculously overpriced grocery store in Hampton Roads) but a lot for 6.44!!!

-2 bottles Kraft salad dressings: originally 2.82, but BOGO, plus coupons made it... negative 9 cents a bottle!!! I can hear my mom rolling her eyes and saying 'no way' so seriously, I have the receipt! BOGO made it 1.41, and my coupons were 1.50 each. And the girl TOOK both, but only scanned one, so I was THAT WOMAN who went back in and tied up the manager at customer service for my buck fifty back. Hey, buck fifty's a buck fifty! But I digress.

-2 cannisters Skippy Peanut Butter (the big guys, not the tiny ones I got stuck with last time) regularly 4.49, BOGO plus coupons made it...$1.45 each. And truthfully, we don't need it and I have no idea how much it costs at the commissary. I was just in a shopping mood. But it really is a big jar, 28oz. Can't imagine I woulda got it for 1.85 at the commissary (they don't double coupons.) At least, that's what I'll be telling myself.

-2 tubes Colgate, the good stuff, the kind we like (we're very picky when it comes to toothpaste) regularly 2.76, BOGO plus coupons made it... negative twelve cents a tube!!!

-2 tubes Pillsbury pizza crusts, not on sale, 2.49 minus coupons made it...$1.69 each. Surely woulda been cheaper at commissary, but I can never find it there! And we need it for dinner Tuesday.

So that's what I did during naps today. And, for the very few of you who haven't heard our shouts of joy and amazement, we put our house on the market Thursday night, had a couple come look on Friday evening, three more couples thruout Saturday, and the original couple made an offer Saturday night! It was less than we're comfortable taking, on the very first offer, so we countered by just a tiny bit, and we're waiting to see what they say. With the market the way it is, we're totally willing to work with them, we just want a tiny bit more than they offered. And they have a dog, eww, which just makes me cringe when I think of him tearing up my backyard and peeing on my carpets!!! But alas, I am learning to let go. It's hard! I love this house! I just hate Norfolk. We'll see, we're literally sitting around waiting for the realtor to call us back. Fingers crossed!

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