Thursday, April 23, 2009


So I thought that while Ava was in preschool, I'd have all this extra time to get everything done. And, in theory, I do. I'm back in the house by eight forty five, and I don't have to leave again until twelve fifteen. That's what, three and a half extra hours with only two kids, one of whom is immobile? So what's the deal? House: still not clean. Closets: still not organized. Scott: still not potty trained. I always wondered what it is these SAHMs do all day, and I thought that now that I finally am one, I'd get in on the secret. I STILL DON'T KNOW!!! On Tuesday, I literally didn't sit down once, and I didn't do anything!!!

Most of you who know me know how much I love TV. I mean, I love TV. Before Ava, I could just watch it for hours and hours. And after Ava, I got a tivo, so I could still watch it for hours and hours, but I got to watch exactly what I wanted, when I wanted. The point is, I have seriously cut back on TV. Like, maybe only one show a day. Well, besides Jeopardy. And I used to watch probably five a day! So I made this HUGE (for me) sacrifice to gain more time, and it didn't even do me any good! I still don't have time to scrapbook, or read as much as I want to, or play Yatzee or Harry Potter Scene It with Nick. And getting pics off my camera in into Walgreens? Forget it, I give up. No one even looks at the photo albums anyway.

And Warren! He STILL won't sleep thru the nigh. Ugh. Big kids go down at seven thirty on the dot and sleep till about six, so they're totally out of the picture at night. THANK GOD. I hear about people with toddlers still getting up- I'd be up on the fifth floor ya'll. That's the psych floor for those of you who don't work at NMCP :) So we cuddle and play with (sleeping) Warren from seven thirty till about ten, then get him into his jammies (nightgown) and put him down with one last bottle. And then he's up at two, down around two thirty. Up at four, down around five. Up at seven, and then the big kids are up, so he's up for the day. THAT'S NOT GOING TO WORK FOR ME FOR MUCH LONGER. Yes, Nick is very helpful with the two o'clock feeding and all. But it still wakes me up. And that hour at goodness. I know that all babies are different, but I wanted one like Scott! Wasn't anybody listening when I put my order in?

And making matters worse is that I feel like crap. I gained too much weight and I don't really know why, because I worked out well into January, which I've never done before. Nick keeps talking about my 'mom' jeans, and I have that big 'mom' pouch of skin under my belly button that I don't think is going to go away, even if I lose the weight. I've always joked about getting a tummy tuck, but now it looks like I might really look into one! Do you know how much they hurt? We used to get them every now and then when I was working on 4F and those women were in PAIN. I'm going to my first weight watchers meeting tonight, so hopefully that accountability will help out a little. My goal is forty pounds, which would put me back at one forty, which is still a good bit more than I weighed when I got pregnant with Ava. So that's my plan. And our Y membership starts back up on Tuesday, so I can get back into weight training (that's what I call it anyway) and swimming, if I can find a big enough work out suit. I just love to swim, I wish they had teams for grown ups!

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