Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth

I tried to keep the picture count down, but I couldn't, so there are twelve, so if you don't want our entire photo album, just skip this one! We went to the Ringling Brother's Circus at the scope yesterday and it was AWESOME!!! I mean, wow! I was a little worried, since PETA is headquartered here, that they would be picketing and throwing paint on us and stuff, but they were very mild and mannered- they just handed us a pamphlet while we were waiting to get into the parking garage. And then I felt a little guilty, because I'm sure they are cruel to those animals, and the animals don't even add that much to the show. It's the acrobats that are amazing! And I had to field questions from Ava about why that man was hitting all those tigers...but still, it was awesome! Here we are before the show.....notice my Moby wrap! It wasn't a phase ya'll, I love that thing!!!

The elephants in question...I never really liked elephants. They're so big, they just don't seem natural. But the kids liked it.

Daddy and Scott in the ridiculously priced hat that you had to get with a bag of cotton candy...but we'd already promised the kids we'd get the candy!

The acrobats...
The tightrope walkers...not in a million years for a million dollars would I even TRY this!!!

This was my personal favorite. They shot this married couple out of the cannons at sixty five miles per hour into these big inflatable things. Can you imagine? Can you believe I got this shot?

Ava and Scott showing their appreciation...

Ava finishing off my soda while we waited for the crowds to die out so we didn't get trampled...

And finally, what Warren did through the entire show. I just kept him in the Moby while I sat so that my hands were free to take pics and pass snacks to the big kids.
If you ever get a chance to go to the circus...GO!!!

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