Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Most Prized Possession

Baby Asleep in Crib Upstairs? check
Big Kids Asleep in Beds Upstairs? check (or at least, in their room with no loud noises coming thru the monitor)
On Track With WW Points? check
Work Out Completed? check
House Picked Up in Pristine Condition in Case Agent Calls to Show? sorta check

Why's that 'sorta check' good enough? Because that first couple has verbally agreed to our terms and they're supposed to do their paperwork this evening!!! HAHA!!! I don't want to jinx it, but if this goes thru, we will have sold our house in under a week!!! Wow. They want us out by June 30th, so our 4th of July vacation that we've been planning with my parents is gonna need some adjustments, but still. AWESOME. And they're paying what we asked! So while I will miss my gorgeous, clean house, I will not miss having to clean it before I dash out the door 'just in case'.

Jokers tried to snag my washer and dryer though. Let me tell you a little something about my washer and dryer. I am NOT a domestic sort of gal, but there's just something about me and laundry that just go well together. It's my THING. So after we had Ava, and I was working twelves and only able to do laundry once a week, we traded in out stackable apartment machine for the mac daddy washer and dryer set. My washer is 4.7 cubic feet. Now, most people don't know that that's just about as big as it gets. There's this new one I saw at Lowe's just yesterday that's 5.0, but that's the biggest ever, and it JUST came out. The electrolux, with Kelly Rippa, is 4.7, and they still advertise that it's the biggest. And mine's a top loader that works like a front loader, which means I don't have to crouch down to put my clothes in.

Now, you're thinking, this is a ridiculous post, who cares about her washing machine? I DO!!! THEY DO NOT CONVEY, I made sure our realtor understood that. I have to have them, and I'm not paying another two grand for new ones. I have three children, that's AT LEAST three outfits a day, more for the baby, plus three pairs of jammies, plus crib sheets, Ava's sheets, burp clothes, blankies, towels, dish towels, and washcloths. On top of mine and Nick's clothes. And, with my beloved washer and dryer, I continue to do laundry once a week. I usually wash on Sunday nights into Monday mornings, and I do THREE LOADS. THREE LOADS!!! Lights, darks, and towels, burp cloths, blankies, etc. Let me just say it again. Three loads a week, for a family of five, with three kids ages three and under. I don't care how silly you think this is, this is a BIG DEAL. And those sneaky little buyers aren't gonna pull one over on me!

Man, ever since I started blogging, I've tried to think of a way to sneak my beloved washing machine in here...you just don't understand. I would drag that sucker out if our house caught on fire. I just love it. Love, love, love it. All right. Now back to my actual children, they're waking up. I'm a little sad that all my laundry is done, talking about it makes me want to go give it some love.

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