Monday, April 20, 2009

Our New House

It's a little small for our big family...But the kids seem to like it! Thanks grandpa Kenny! They especially love the doorbell. Kids are strange that way. Scott refuses to use the door, and instead comes out that window onto the table...that'll be fun when he falls off. But so far, it's been a HUGE blessing, because they will play in it for EVER, as long as we'll let them! And they'll eat at that table and actually EAT, so that's always helpful. And on house news for real, Nick showed me some of the floor plans for base housing in CT, and I'm getting pretty excited! I just feel like a garage will be SO helpful...hope I'm not disappointed!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the house...
We've finally got some social smiling going on!!! Warren especially loves to smile at miss Ava Nichole, and let me tell you, she certainly thinks that she is Miss Thang when she makes him giggle! Which, of course, she is!!! Most of you know that I'm not a huge fan of this baby-baby stage, I'd much rather start with a rolly polly six or seven month old, so when we start hitting these milestones, it's like the sun breaking thru on the dark clouds for me! I know that girls are supposed to like little tiny babies, but please. Gimme a break. BORING! And those chicken legs...ugh. Like I said, gimme one with a little personality! Like this!

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  1. Brody has that outfit that warren is wearing! I think the shorts are weird. And Brody doesn't smile like that yet =(
    Scott looks like he should be MY son.