Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Well, after much prayer and discussion and luck, we have decided to enroll Ava in preschool. I know that 'stay at home moms' are supposed to stay at home with their kids, but remember, I don't feel called to be a stay at home mom. Our circumstances are just mandating it for now. And I will be working on Wednesdays, so I'll make enough money to keep her enrolled. I actually will make enough to keep both big kids in and then some, but we decided not to send Scott because they would be in the same classroom and we feel like Scott needs some alone time. And it'll probably be good for Ava to finally not have to share every little experience of her life with Scott.

So she's going to Wee Ones, the preschool at our church. She can go from eight thirty till twelve thirty, Mon thru Fri, but right now the plan is to only go Mon, Wed, and Fri. If she asks to go more often, we'll talk about it then. She gets to bring her own lunch, which she's VERY excited about (Fern provided meals and snack, and even FORMULA at our old daycare). She picked out a lunchbox at Target and then this morning she asked me for a few things in it. Carrot sticks, which is weird because we don't typically eat them. How did she know they're supposed to go in a lunchbox?

I thought that Scott would pitch a fit because he wanted to stay and play when we dropped her off, but he was totally fine with it, and I ran into Walgreens with just the little kids. Now, if you had told me four years ago that the day would come when I would be so grateful to only have to drag TWO kids into Walgreens, I woulda told you exactly how crazy you were. But today when I was driving, I was like, this'll be so easy!!! And it was. Oh, how my life has changed.

I was pretty excited to pick up some cleaning supplies for super cheap with sales and coupons, but I made a rookie mistake! Walgreens does RR, which is just a coupon you can use on your next purchase. Kinda like CVS's ECB, but not as cool. So I got two sets of things, hoping to get back two separate one dollar RRs. Apparently, you can only get one RR per transaction. So that sorta sucked. But, I did get these new scrubbing bubbles toilet gels that Nick hates for 2.50 each (should have been 2 dollars each) and two canisters of Windex wipes for 1.75 each. And they had some new shaving creams that when you buy it, you get the full amount back in RR, so it's free. Thank goodness my store was out, or I wouldn't have got it for free, and I don't really need it right now! Isn't it nice that the Lord looks out for you, even on silly stuff like that? I mean, the fact that He cares about the mundane things, just because you do, is really amazing when you think about it. Anyway.

Scott and I are enjoying some one on one time outside while Warren sleeps, upstairs in his crib!!! HOORAY. And he only got up for the three o'clock last night (Nick's feeding!!!) and then again for good around seven. We're almost there, I can feel it ya'll. Any night now.

And this afternoon, we have Scott's two year appt. I'm guessing thirty pounds, and thirty five inches. Maybe more like thirty three inches. We'll see. And then shots, eww. The only time I've had to do shots alone before was when Ava was one, and she barely noticed. But I have a feeling Scott won't be so accommodating.

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