Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trying to Get in the Swing of Things

You all know how much I love a good routine. Sunday kinda went down the toilet because I got so confused when we didn't make it to church, and they were being so so good, so I just kinda went with it and we did whatever we wanted. Which was actually quite nice. And as far as my supermom comment, naturally that jinxed me and the baby woke up. Which also was nice, because I have a hard time getting enough time to just cuddle him during the day, because those big kids need so much too. So maybe I don't want them on the same nap schedule yet. I remember that with Scott, I kept their naps separated for a few months, so I could have one on one time with each while the other was asleep.

Nick stayed home with us on Monday, so there was no order to that day either. Today, we are trying to get a good one going. Get up, diapers, breakfast. Playtime, and I have a new rule. They can only have one basket of toys out at a time. Not sure if that's gonna work, because Ava wants her doll basket, and Scott wants the trains, but I think that's okay, I'll make a few exceptions. We watched one show during play time too. Snacks about two hours after breakfast, then we tried to do something structured. I got these Sesame Street wipe off workbooks for them, but now I know that Scott's not ready. I just don't know how to teach him anything!

He knows the triangle shape (most of the time) but he doesn't know any colors, and he doesn't know how to count. It doesn't help that he can barely speak to me, so he probably (hopefully) knows more than he can communicate. I know Ava was better at that preschool stuff at his age. Trying not to worry.

Here's Ava, loving her workbook. She had the counting one, and she had a blast! She lasted over thirty minutes before she got too antsy, I was surprised. Her dad the engineer gets a kick out of it when she does anything he can call "math."

Here's Scott after he gave up on the shapes book. This has to be teaching him something, right?

And here's poor Warren during all this.

Now they're watching Dora and I'm supposed to be fixing lunch, then it's nap time. When are they supposed to get dressed? They usually stay in jammies until we have to go somewhere, but until I start back up at the Y, we have no where to go. And Ava insists on wearing jammies for nap, so what's the point? But they can't just stay in jammies all day. Anyway. After nap, Nick will be home, and he never sticks to my routines, so why bother setting one up. They'll just run around like crazy people while I finish up the laundry, then it's dinner, clean up, baths, and bed. And that's our day.

At least until I decide if I want the big kids in preschool at the church.

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