Sunday, April 19, 2009

Warren Ray

Well, all those people who say that going from two to three is the hardest? They might be on to something :) I dunno though. I still say going from zero to one was the hardest! At least now I know that I WILL survive, and so will they, and life will go on, even if I don't take a shower and the big kids never get out of their jammies. Right? I mean, clothing is clothing. I'm responsible for providing food, shelter, and clothing, and as far as I can tell, jammies count.

Warren Ray, you poor thing. He has already spent more time in the swing than Ava and Scott ever did, combined. Granted, Ava never went in it, and Scott sat up so quickly that he tried to tumble out of it, but still. I feel guilty. And his totally cute nursery goes unused because I've got this ridiculous worry about him being in there all alone! We slept in the queen bed in Ava's nursery for months, and Scott slept in the mini crib (it's not a portable crib! it's a real crib!) in our room for about five months before we converted the office to his nursery, so I just feel like Warren needs to as well. But then I feel guilty that I bought the bedding and made Nick repaint the walls and redecorate the dresser.

He sometimes (frequently) has to cry and cry because I've got my hands tied up with the big kids. Now I know that letting your kids 'cry it out' is all the rage right now, and I even know one girl who claims that her PEDIATRICIAN told her to let her baby cry it out at night!!! But that's a different story. The point is, I do NOT agree with letting your baby cry. I mean, they're babies! They need you! So it just breaks my heart. Those of you who are thinking 'I've been around those Engelbrecht kids. All they do is cry!' let me remind you that there's a difference between crying and whining, between crying and throwing a tantrum. Yea, the big kids 'cry' a lot. So what.

So after those rotten big kids go to bed at seven thirty, that's when Nick and I try to soak up some one on one time with little Warren. Naturally, this is what HE wants to do for those precious few hours before mama and daddy turn in at ten...
Isn't that just the most beautiful little guy you've ever seen? Other than Ava and Scott, of course. And just for those who may feel like criticizing our family sleeping habits, Warren Ray doesn't sleep in our bed with us. Honestly. He's actually the first kid to not spend at least a night or two a week in that bed! I chalk it up to the fact that this is the first time I haven't been working the night shifts when we've had a little one this age! Nick just LOVES to snuggle up with his kiddos in his bed.

So that's a little bit of Warren's hectic life. Hopefully when he's older, he won't resent the fact that his mama was too busy to spend time with him!

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  1. Jen, you guys are my heros raising those 3 precious babies! And you guys are great with them...I hear you over that fence :) I TOTALLY agree that crying it out is not natural! That pic of Warren is so sweet!